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Have you ever heard of water flossers? If you have not, they are interdental cleaners designed to clean between teeth much the same way that traditional dental floss does. Just as dental floss cleans between teeth, so does water flossers. An optimal cleaning routine includes using water flossers and toothbrushes on a daily basis, so you can help keep your smile safe from erosion and other food debris left behind from meals and snacks. Benefits of water flossers are as follows:

– Water flossers are extremely easy to use and do not require any preparation at all. They are extremely effective at cleaning away debris and harmful bacteria.

– Water flossers are known to be extremely effective. When selecting a water flosser at a store, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance or speak with your dentist about product recommendations and suggestions.

– If previous tooth restorations and replacements are present in your mouth, you may not be able to floss between every tooth. Water flossers can benefit you in these situations. This can include previous services such as dental bridges, dentures or even dental crowns.

– Not only are water flossers known for helping keep your teeth clean, but they can also aid in the prevention of gum disease.

– Water flossers do not use any threads. Instead, they focus on using only beams of water.

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