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Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? Do you really dread attending your dental appointments? If so, we are here to help you feel calmer during your visits! Many people feel anxious about the dental office and seeing the dentist, so you are not alone. To help make your dental visits more comfortable and pleasant, we encourage you to speak with our dentist and practice some of the following tips:

• Ask a trusted friend or family member to accompany you to your appointment. We recommend asking someone who is not afraid to visit the dental office so that they can comfort, support, and reassure you during your treatment session.

• Practice some techniques for relaxation. You can try controlling your heart rate by focusing on your breathing to make you feel more relaxed when seeing the dentist. Take a deep breath, and hold it in for several seconds, then release it slowly. Repeat as needed.

• Bring something you enjoy to occupy your mind during treatment, such as music or a book. Your family member or friend can even read to you. Notify our team in advance if you would like to bring a movie to watch.

• Create a “stop” signal with your dentist–this can be blinking your eyes a certain number of times, raising your hand, or making a certain sound–so that you can establish control over your session and your dentist will know if you need a break from the treatment.

• Ask Dr. Deborah Carey about sedation dentistry and which sedatives may be able to help you feel relaxed in the dental chair. Our dentist may recommend nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation.

Call Carey Dentistry at 281-859-5637 today if you would like more information on ways to relax at the dentist’s office in Houston, Texas. We look forward to helping you enjoy your visits!