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While maintaining your oral health may seem simple, it can be difficult at times. The first thing you need to know is that your ability to prevent or reverse tooth decay largely depends on the environment in your mouth and how much decay is already present.

To give your teeth their best shot at reversing minimal decay and preventing future decay, follow the following advice:

– Avoid foods and beverages that cause damage to the tooth enamel. These foods include candy, soda, other sugary foods and drinks, and bread.
– Eat more foods that help strengthen the tooth enamel. Some examples of these foods are: eggs, milk, cheese and spinach.
– Try using a prescription toothpaste. Ask Dr. Deborah Carey if this is a good choice for your smile.
– Make sure that you always brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily. Your tooth brushing sessions should last at least two minutes. Practicing good oral hygiene helps remove plaque quickly enough to prevent it from causing decay.
– Visit our office often for professional cleanings and exams. A dentist or hygienist can safely remove tartar, hardened plaque, from your smile.

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