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Do you have any lost or missing teeth that you need to have replaced? If you fail to replace any missing teeth, you could be at an increased risk of tooth decay because plaque buildup can arise within the area left behind. Furthermore, you can also suffer from gum destabilization which can lead to tooth slippage. In addition, missing teeth can make your smile look a lot older than it actually is. However, to repair this, you can use a fixed prosthetic device such as a dental bridge.

Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, are designed to replace lost or missing teeth. Unlike dental implants, which need to be directly attached to your jawbone, dental bridges are anchored to nearby and neighboring teeth, which is beneficial so even if your jaw is weak or has become weakened due to missing teeth, then a dental bridge can still be placed to provide your smile the additional comfort and stability a full smile deserves.

If for any reason you have suffered from issues with your bite stability, it could be because your distribution of the bite forces are not evenly spread across all of your teeth, which is especially common with individuals who are missing teeth. Dental bridges can restore bite stability and make sure that space maintenance across your mouth is homogeneous, so your smile can function as intended, which will lead to better oral health and the ideal smile. Furthermore, dental bridges come with no food restrictions because they are permanent treatments that will not slip and slide around regardless of which foods you eat. They’re firmly attached in place and will also keep other teeth from moving around as well.

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